45 Attorneys Normal, together with Colorado, cracking down on pretend COVID-19 vaccine playing cards – KRDO

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO. (KRDO) –To prevent fraudulent vaccine cards from circulating online, 45 attorneys general, including Colorado’s Phil Weiser, are calling on social media and tech companies to crack down.

In a letter to the CEO’s of Twitter, Shopify and eBay, officials ask that companies take action to prevent the sales of fake vaccine cards on their platforms.

“It has come to our attention that your platforms are being used to market and sell blank or fraudulently completed COVID vaccine cards bearing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention logo,” the letter reads.

Officials ask the companies to find and remove ads or sales of the cards from their platforms and to keep records, “such as the content, username, and actual user identity, pertaining to any such ads or links.”

The FBI has also issued similar guidance recently.

Under Colorado law, a person can be prosecuted for fraud. Attorney General Phil Weiser said that absolutely applies in this case.

“We want to use the extent of our authority to go after fraudsters…If we can track down a fraudster who is engaging in any number of schemes, and we’ve seen a lot during the pandemic, including putting out their false vaccine cards, we will work to hold them accountable,” Weiser said.

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