7 inventive authorized advertising and marketing concepts on your legislation agency

It may be difficult to link the words “legal”, “creative” and “marketing”. However, the fact is that law firms need to use all the tools and technologies available to reach potential clients wherever they are. Despite what you might think, legal marketing doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. Here are 7 creative legal marketing ideas for your law firm:

1. Invest in SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is designed to get you in front of people who will be making legal representation decisions in the near future. You may have already decided that you need legal services, but you may not be sure who is the best choice. SEO ensures that your web content contains the searched keywords that potential customers enter into a search engine. These depend on your area of ​​expertise and your location and may include words and phrases such as "divorce lawyer", "slip and fall lawyer", "Smallville Personal Injury Lawyer" and more.

An SEO specialist can help you determine the words your potential customers use most often and show how they should be included in your online presence. Effective SEO improves your organic results and gets you higher on search engines without paying for the privilege. This is work that you can do yourself if you tend to do it. However, keep in mind that successful SEO brings more customers to you and can be worth the investment.

2. Provide relevant, up-to-date content

Content marketing is closely related to SEO and shows your expertise in a legal area. This can be done through regular blogs, videos, infographics, or articles on topics that may be of interest to your potential customers.

Infographics in particular can be a powerful way to communicate information and data on complex legal issues in an easy-to-understand, graphic format. There are many free online infographic manufacturers that you can use to create your own in less than an hour.

Note that topics do not always have to be directly related to the law. Your potential customers may be interested in topics such as "The importance of seeking medical care after a slip and fall", "Downsizing after retirement" or "Five things to do immediately after a car accident".

Potential clients often seek information about their legal problem before hiring a lawyer. Anticipating your questions and proactively providing answers for them can be beneficial to your business. Positioning yourself as an expert increases the likelihood that customers will contact you when they are ready to make a decision.

3. Have a social media presence

Lawyers should have at least one LinkedIn profile to showcase educational and career success. This ensures that at least your basic information is available online to potential customers.

A social media presence like Facebook also makes you more accessible for potential questions and recommendations. Social media should keep you in touch with your current customers, colleagues and friends. Posts can also be shared or tagged by people who know someone who is looking for legal counsel.

Make sure you are available for questions and recommendations that may be received through social media. You may want to keep a professional social media site separate from your personal site.

4. Attend local events

Participation in community events opens up new opportunities for you to build your network. This can include everything from hosting a canopy at the fair to running a specific fundraiser.

Many “doers and shakers” in a community are well connected and involved in various committees and community organizations that would appreciate the opportunity to have a lawyer who supports them both in terms of labor and knowledge.

Build your community engagement resume without being stressed. Select events and organizations that interest you. Encourage all employees to get involved. Consider joining one or two service clubs, but make sure that all of the organizations you work with match your core beliefs. This is important to build your brand and build a reputation.

5. Create short online videos

What used to be expensive audio and video equipment can now be achieved on a mobile phone or laptop. Create short one to two minute videos with answers to the most frequently asked legal questions in your area and create a YouTube channel.

Connect videos to your website and social media and create a digital marketing funnel. Keep your productions simple with simple graphics in an office environment, just with you and the camera. Speak directly to the camera and don't forget to smile. Answer questions that you are most often asked over the phone or online.

This is an excellent opportunity to solve potential customers' common problems without having to do so repeatedly over the phone or online.

6. Integrate reviews into your website

Customers and customers asked family members or friends for recommendations before shopping or using professional services. Nowadays, most people are just as likely to go online looking for online reviews.

Anonymous ratings are just as credible today as personal recommendations. You can make it easier to access customer reviews by placing them directly on your website.

Highlight the most positive reviews. Post reviews related to topics that are important to your potential customers. If known community members are willing to provide testimonials or ratings, make sure you use them.

7. Join an online legal services network to attract more customers

An online legal services network can be an excellent resource for new customers. Rocket Lawyer's On Call Network can become a member for free. You just have to be ready to answer legal questions. This can help you attract new customers, as many are currently deciding whether to keep a lawyer. To learn more, contact Rocket Lawyer today.

Creating new marketing opportunities for your law firm doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Start today and create your customer list tomorrow.

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