Citing "irregularities" in Nevada's poll paper, Trump Marketing campaign initiates one other anti-voting course of

President Trump's campaign makes great claims but provides no evidence.

In order not to allow Joe Biden to win, President Donald Trump's 2020 campaign has filed a lawsuit contesting the results of the Nevada elections.

Trump officials gathered outside the Republican Party headquarters in Las Vegas on Tuesday, according to The Nevada Independent. There, representatives of the president's re-election campaign – including former Nevada attorney general Adam Laxalt, campaign attorney Jesse Binnall and US Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp – said they had uncovered indications of numerous irregularities.

Taken together, they say the irregularities, if successfully challenged, could result in enough votes being dismissed to swing Nevada in favor of the president.

"Donald Trump won," said Binnall, "after you explained the fraud and the irregularities that occurred."

But, as the Independent notes, Trump officials have failed to present or reveal convincing evidence to support their claims. In fact, this lawsuit is only the last of several that the campaign against Nevada and Clark Counties has brought. The latter is home to Las Vegas and contains the majority of the state's registered voters.

Drain the swamp shield that was exhibited at a MAGA rally in 2018. Photo by Charlotte Cuthbertson / The Epoch Times. CC BY 2.0

The Independent notes that as of this week, Biden is 33,596 votes ahead of President Trump.

However, the Commander-in-Chief's campaign states that their lawsuit should have sufficient effect to "bridge" the difference and secure Trump an election victory.

"We are quite confident that if the law and the facts are clearly resolved on this matter, it will be very clear that the results after the vote and after the occurrence of everything were unreliable due to the irregularities and unreliability of the fraud," said Binnall.

Clark County spokesman Dan Kulin told The Nevada Independent that while his office has not yet looked into the lawsuit, the Trump campaign appears to be repeating unsubstantiated allegations that are not yet producing any results.

"[It] sounds like they are repeating allegations that the courts have already dismissed, misrepresenting and misrepresenting the evidence presented in this trial, and investigating false allegations made by partisans without first hand knowledge of the facts," said Kulin.

The campaign alleged tens of thousands of ineligible voters voted in the November 3rd election, including voters who were identified as deceased or not identified for a Nevada permit.

"However, the evidence will show that the reduction in votes for the defendant is 40,000 or more than the reduction for the candidate, or at least an amount sufficient to cast reasonable doubt on the election result," the lawsuit stated.

However, the lawsuit contained no confirmatory evidence.

The Associated Press notes that Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske and Democratic Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford have both claimed that there was no widespread electoral fraud in the 2020 election.


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