Dickinson Co. Supervisors Give Go-Forward For Restructuring Of County Legal professional’s Workplace; Approve Resolutions To Join With Clay County Path System

(Spirit Lake)– The Dickinson County Board of Supervisors today (Tues.) authorized a restructuring of the County Attorney’s Office. County Attorney Amy Zenor recommended eliminating an investigator’s position in the office that was created back in 2018…Zenor01 

“We would like to reallocated those funds in order to have another attorney in our office on a part-time basis, an assistant County Attorney part-time. I’ve been talking with the Clerk of Courts and my office. We have, our caseload is enormous. We don’t have enough attorneys in our office. We have previously, prior to my even working here, there have been incidences in which there were, you know, other part-time County Attorneys that were taking on part of the workload and at this point we think that is a necessary step for us.”

Zenor added there are currently more than 1,000 criminal cases pending in Dickinson county with only two prosecuting attorneys to handle them.

In other business, the supervisors approved a couple of resolutions pertaining to the county’s trail system. Erin Reed of the Dickinson County Trails Board told the supervisors they pertain to the three phase project that will connect the county’s trail system with Clay county…Trails Resolution01 

“One of them is for phase three which we are applying for right now. That funding isn’t available until 2025, but I need it for the grant. And then the other just to stay on top of the whole thing is phase two which would be in the middle between, the first segment we already have funding for, it goes through Milford and a mile south. Phase two will be one and-a-half miles segment in between and then the third phase will go from that one down to the county line. And I anticipate that we will apply for one of our grants either in the summer or fall for that phase two so that we can look at a timeline of 2023, 2024 and then 2025 for getting that completed.”

Plans call the Dickinson county portion of the trail to follow the east side of Highway 71 to the county line. The trail would cross to the west side of the Highway just north of Fostoria in Clay county.

On another trails-related matter, Reed reported the state is making some additional money available for trail projects thanks to some COVID-19 relief funds, to the tune of an additional 5 million dollars…Trails Resolution02 

“The grant application is due May 17th so I imagine I’ll be back here in the next couple of weeks to do another resolution. The minimum amount we can apply for is 500,000 and the maximum is 1.25 million, so it’s a great opportunity. I think we’ll go after the railroad trail from Montgomery to Lake Park.”

The supervisors also Tuesday decided to ease COVID restrictions currently in place in the courthouse mail room and break room.

A portion of Tuesday’s meeting consisted of a closed session to discuss the possible disposition of the former county shop building in Milford. Upon returning to open session the supervisors voted to establish a committee consisting of Assistant County Attorney Lonnie Saunders and Engineer Dan Eckert to further research the matter.

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