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Embrace the vacation cellphone name, Redux

Granted, I often pat myself on the back because I'm ahead of the curve. But that too is too much. I didn't know it a year ago when I recommended Holiday Phone Calls as an alternative to cards that just three months later would be deeply caught in a widespread pandemic that has made sending Christmas gift cards difficult. Nowadays it's hard to know if and how often people are working from their office to collect mail. However, most of us do not have a colleague's home address to send cards to.

Despite the complications, with all the challenges of 2020, lawyers have more than ever the desire to send Christmas cards as a sign of good humor. Now many are trying to figure out what to do. Some lawyers have doubled in size and insisted that they want to send out Christmas cards this year. Others are considering electronic cards, which I wasn't a fan of seven years ago and which I still haven't become. If you insist on something as impersonal as an e-card, send at least a Starbucks coupon or an Amazon gift card.

You can also continue to host a virtual happy hour – with or without additional entertainment – or a Facebook live party. Or send a calendar link to stay up to date on Zoom. But for me, more than any other year, this year will resonate with more than a call from a loved one, colleague or old dear friend out of the blue. It's on my list for this season.

You can find tips for making phone calls while on vacation in my post from December 2019 here

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