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SAN ANTONIO – In the spring of 2007, Ted Roberts and his wife Mary, both lawyers, were convicted in a sex scheme in which they had squeezed over $ 150 million from four San Antonio men.

According to the 2007 court document, Mary Roberts had close relationships with the men. Then the couple would threaten to sue them and expose the affairs unless they contributed to a charity chosen by Robert.

There was no charity and the couple would take the money, as the testimony showed. Ted Roberts was convicted of three thefts through deception and coercion.

Roberts served six months in a five-year prison sentence before being given a shock sentence. His wife, who was convicted of five theft deceptions, was sentenced to 10 years after she was found guilty

During a hearing before District Judge Velia Meza, Roberts asked for leniency on Tuesday. He still insisted that there were no threats.

"There was no evidence that I could have threatened a person," Roberts said. "All lawsuits threaten, I mean, if you don't pay the money, I'll fight." He added, "I can't imagine that this is a crime."

Meza consulted Robert's application and said she would make a decision before July 17.

Granting a judicial grace would restore Roberts' civil rights, although he remains a convicted criminal.

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