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How smarter authorized software program impacts authorized apply [Sponsored]

There's no question that technology has changed our legal practice. Smarter legal software has ushered in a new era in legal practice. That change was already in full swing early in 2020 – the pandemic's unprecedented demands only accelerated it.

Legal organizations now rely more than ever on technology. In turn, technology vendors like LexisNexis are focusing on smarter legal software solutions to support these changing behaviors and enable the legal industry to thrive in the face of uncertainty.

Rapid change to meet new requirements

If 2020 has shown us anything in legal technology, we have pushed the rollout of tools that enable remote working and collaboration much faster than most would have thought possible. Even corporate law firms and legal departments that didn't even think about remote capabilities eight months ago have implemented a whole host of new solutions at incredible speed.

The result of all of this is a change that is taking place right before our eyes. Smarter legal technology will open up an enormous number of opportunities for legal organizations in the future. Better collaboration is just the beginning.

Leading companies are currently looking for applications that are designed for the new normal rather than the old normal. For this reason, legal software providers like LexisNexis attach great importance to maximum flexibility. To the Lexis +, The comprehensive new solution from LexisNexis means, among other things, an increased emphasis on important integrations into the LexisNexis product universe, a seamless user experience and the ability to customize workflows.

The big risk is that legal product designers design according to the old standard, because they know it. Instead, companies should look ahead and examine the dynamic changes that have occurred due to remote working. Legal practice next year will be very different from what it was in 2020.

Lexis + leads the charge for smarter legal software

When developing for the new normal and determining which legal users will be needed in the future, it is important to consider the feedback from these users. While customers often cannot describe what they want or need, they can describe the problems they are having. LexisNexis is more focused on what its customers are trying to do and achieve and where they encounter unique challenges or difficulties, and can translate that information into new product ideas like Lexis +.

In and of itself, this is not a new concept, but it is not followed often enough. LexisNexis firmly believes in the framework that underlies the Design Thinking movement known as the "Jobs-to-Do Approach". Smarter legal software places an emphasis on the work users want to do, not just the features they will be using. The tasks they want to perform have changed significantly over the past few months.

What used to take place on paper is now done entirely electronically. The way teams work together to draft shareholder agreements or briefs has changed dramatically with remote working. In parallel with Practical Guidance, Lexis + offers a range of machine learning capabilities that allow users to analyze large amounts of data, quickly find market standards, and visually display the results for better insights. Similarly, search for movements or pleadings in Lexis + is improved as users are automatically guided to additional insights beyond the case law in legal research, brief analysis, and other Lexis + experiences.

This is just one example of that superior integrations in the Lexis + ecosystem. Customers wanted better connections between what were once stand-alone products. As a result, Lexis + integrates tools that were once separated to provide users with the best way to find the most comprehensive answers to critical legal questions more efficiently than ever.

Another important aspect of Lexis + is the workflow can be customized to specific areas of activity or practitioners. Litigation attorneys and corporate attorneys are likely to approach data and tasks very differently. Therefore, Lexis + adjusts the data presented based on factors such as the type of legal practice the user has. The result is a bespoke set of analysis tools and data review functions that are tailored and customizable for each user.

All of this is part of Lexis +’s intention to: a superior user experience and introduce new benefits for all who use it. It was clear to users that they wanted a better user experience, similar to consumer products, and Lexis + is bringing this to the professional world. Lexis + offers a modern user experience that is comparable to any consumer product experience. The focus is less on the individual products in the game and more on the questions the user is trying to answer or the task they are trying to complete. Users can start anywhere in Lexis + and be guided to the best possible insights wherever it is in Lexis + or other Lexis products without doing additional work.

Lexis + is smarter legal software, but it also helps users understand exactly how smart it is. The product removes the "black box" that has long existed for much of legal technology by adding features that enable users to both understand how their searches are performed, as well as control and customize the search experience. This is just another way Lexis + has turned the user experience on its head.

I'm looking forward to

LexisNexis is increasingly focused on how Lexis + can evolve to expand and support the changing work habits of the legal industry. Lexis + was designed with a focus on skills like collaboration, as it was clear that the new way of working would last for the foreseeable future. Now LexisNexis looks forward to continuing to design for the new normal. You keep creating more integrations and focusing on solutions that are customizable and easy to use.

Legal technology providers need to recognize that customers work differently than they have in the past. Smarter legal software is needed to support this layer and all sorts of additional layers so that users have the tools they need to be a lawyer not only in the new normal but also in the future.

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