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Immigration And The Biden Administration: A Altering Panorama

For practitioners advising on immigration law, nearly every day of the fledgling Biden Administration has been newsworthy. From Executive Orders to activity in Congress, in the courts, and at the border, the landscape is changing quickly.

An emphasis on prioritizing immigration reform this early in a President’s tenure is “startling,” given this topic’s traditional status as a “third rail” in American politics, says immigration law expert Austin T. Fragomen, Jr., Chairman of the Executive Committee at Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen, & Loewy, LLP and co-author of Fragomen on Immigration Fundamentals: A Guide to Law and Practice, Fifth Edition, available from PLI Press. In a recent article in the PLI Chronicle, Fragomen outlines the immigration actions taken by the Biden Administration in its early days and anticipates changes to come.

Fragomen looks at the intersection of employment law and immigration, noting that the proposed U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 includes measures increasing the number of low-skilled workers allowed to migrate each year and lifts numerical and country-based limitations on STEM doctoral degree holders, but “does not address the typical business concerns such as increasing numbers for both Employment-Based immigrants and H-1Bs.”

Click to read Fragomen’s article, “What Can We Expect on Immigration from the Biden Administration?” For more insights and perspectives for the legal community, visit the PLI Chronicle on PLI PLUS. Find more of PLI’s immigration-related programs and publications here.

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