Love guidelines: eight legal guidelines that would have an effect on your love life

Our country is known as the land of the free, but there are some laws that make little sense. Most of them are old enough to be forgotten, but they have the potential to change your love life.

It is illegal to allow premarital sex in a Colorado home

If you live in Colorado and plan to visit some unmarried friends and family members – in the great words of Beyonce – you should put a ring on it.

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You can't kiss a sleeping woman in Logan County, Colorado

This law makes sense in some ways because you can't give consent while you sleep, but it's strange that this doesn't apply to men too.

It is illegal for Indiana men to be publicly aroused

We do not need to comment on this, but we are curious about the enforcement. The law uses the term "knowingly or intentionally". If the man does not know the condition of his pants, he has not committed a crime technically.

In North Carolina, an adulterer's wife can sue his lover

We recommend that you think twice before cheating on your wife. This can be costly and controversial.

Getting married to a challenge is a reason for lifting in Delaware

We have a pretty good idea of ​​the couple who inspired this law. Although divorce rates are now lower, it doesn't seem particularly good to marry with a challenge to start the next chapter of your life.

In Nevada, selling sex toys is illegal and is considered obscene

This law is pretty interesting considering prostitution is legal in Nevada – we suspect some things are just too far out there.

Homosexuality cannot be part of sex in Louisiana

Most curricula initially have little sex education and barely touch anything that has to do with homosexuality. When important parts of the subject are censored, students are left behind who are not heterosexual or cisgender.

If you're in Idaho for Valentine's Day, keep this in mind. It is illegal to give your sweetheart a box of chocolates weighing more than 50 pounds

Yes, this can be an obscure regulation that is never enforced, but in case you keep it below the weight limit.

Happy Valentine's Day from the American Valve News Team!

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