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Mandating COVID-19 Vaccines? Biglaw Leaders Appear Cautious Of Pushing The Challenge Earlier than Reopening Workplaces

My personal opinion is we all should be vaccinated. I’m concerned if we mandate it at this point, you will force that conflict to center stage. Also, we are in a position that everyone who wants a vaccine hasn’t had that opportunity. There are a lot of opinions about this.

John Hensien, chief executive officer of Detroit-based Clark Hill, commenting on his firm’s plans to encourage COVID-19 vaccination but not mandate it. Many firms are struggling with this issue as they plan the reopenings of their offices following a prolonged period of working from home due to the pandemic. As Keith Fullenweider, incoming chairman of Vinson & Elkins noted, because there are “many opinions” on the vaccine, his firm is “trying to find a middle ground, first looking at safety [and] making sure people aren’t pushed into any situation.”

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