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Morning report: 07.07.20

* The Supreme Court has confirmed a ban on automated cell phone calls. Maybe I won't get calls anymore because of my car's extended warranty … [USA Today]

* Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyer says Maxwell will never reveal the full connections between Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein. [New York Post]

* The New York Attorney General has ordered a Black Lives Matter organization to stop collecting donations in the state because the organization has failed to register properly. [New York Daily News]

* A new trial is granted to a defendant because the judge asked the witness too many questions. This kind of reminds of a famous scene from The Verdict. [New York Law Journal]

Charges have been brought against the woman who accused the authorities of being endangered by a black bird watcher in Central Park in May. [BBC]

* A lawyer who is now diagnosed with COVID-19 claims that a judge brought her to court despite telling the court that her COVID-19 test was pending and she was showing symptoms. [Bakersfield California]

* Law360 has just named its top lawyers under the age of 40. If I had a subscription I could see if I made the cut, but I think I already know the answer … [Law360]

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