Professional Assist Authorized: Bridging the Hole for Authorized Assist

CHICAGO, April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Up to 80% of legal needs are not being met. Unknown costs, finding time to meet lawyers, and lawyer availability are among the top reasons these needs are unmet. Simultaneously, many lawyers are underemployed or do not enjoy working traditional 8-5 from a fixed location.

A new web-based platform, Pro Help Legal, helps connect people with legal problems and lawyers through secure 256-bit encrypted video while addressing this two-headed problem.

Any licensed lawyer can create an account for free, and make themselves available within a narrow window or 24/7. Pro Help Legal does not fee share, take commissions, or charge lawyers for lead generation.

People with legal needs can browse potential lawyers by geography and area of law and instantly connect or schedule a meeting via secure video connection. If a lawyer fits what they are looking for, they can connect with the lawyer by purchasing a connection credit for less than ten dollars.

Within the Pro Help Legal platform, clients and lawyers will find a welcoming, easy-to-use experience that allows clients to find the lawyer who best fits their needs and lawyers access to clients globally.

Client Experience:

  • Flat-fee pricing
  • Book instant or scheduled meetings
  • Connect via computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • 256-bit Encrypted Video
  • $7.99 connection cost plus lawyer fee
  • Only pay for the time you need

Lawyer Experience:

  • Free accounts
  • Personal calendar and scheduling tool
  • Available Now tool-Tell clients you can meet instantly
  • Instant payment processing through Stripe
  • In-meeting flat-rate payment processing
  • SMS meeting notifications
  • Meet clients from anywhere

Lawyers have free access to the Pro Help Legal platform. Sign up takes about ten minutes, and their profile is published to clients visiting the site. Lawyers can set flat rates for 15, 30, 45, and 60-minute consultations or offer free 15 minute consultations. 

Founders Josh Cordova and James Dorman recognize the gap in people’s access to lawyers and aim to eliminate these gaps and the intimidations associated with hiring a lawyer through flat-fee pricing, global accessibility, and instant payment processing.

SOURCE Pro Help Legal

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