Qualities of a Good Divorce Lawyer

Before anything else, spouses seeking a divorce, like you, should understand that the outcome of the proceedings will more likely have some life-changing effects on them and their kids. Thus, it’s vital to have the right legal representation for your situation. 

Dealing with the entire divorce proceeding can be an overwhelming experience. Whether you want to keep your relationships with your kids or reduce your financial losses, or your marriage has complicated issues to settle, there are many things to consider when planning for a divorce. One of them is seeking the assistance of a great divorce lawyer in your area to ensure that the process will run smoothly and without hassle. 

However, finding a dedicated legal professional for your situation can also be a bit challenging. You might find it difficult to select the one who will work best for you with a variety of options to choose from. 

If you don’t know where and how to find a good divorce lawyer, below are a few qualities you should take note of: 

Clear and Easy Communication Ability

An outstanding quality you should look for in a divorce lawyer is the ability to communicate well. When you deal with your case, you need to effectively communicate your legal counsel issues so they can clearly explain what to expect during a divorce, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of your situation. They should know how to listen to your concerns to ensure that you make full benefit of your legal options. 

Furthermore, your lawyer’s ability to communicate is also crucial when negotiating with your spouse and their legal representative. Before going to court, your lawyer will try to talk to your spouse to resolve some issues and keep the divorce costs down. On the other hand, they should also have excellent communication skills during the litigation process to represent your rights and interests in court passionately. 

Valuable Years of Experience

You should always look for a lawyer who has valuable years of experience in handling family law cases, including divorce cases. They should be skilled enough to represent your interests in court and ensure a favorable judgment for you. Also, the lawyer you consider should know how to navigate the complexities of your case, particularly the aspects of divorce related to financial issues, career, custody of children, and many more. 

Moreover, most divorce laws vary from one state to another, hence, you should also factor in the local experience of your prospective legal counsel. This means that they should be familiar with how local family laws work and the respective local court judges. Consequently, they should be able to strategically prepare for the litigation about certain issues, such as child custody arrangements, and property division, among many others. 

Therefore, check the credentials of your prospects and opt for lawyers who get the most out of continuing education opportunities to update their knowledge and experience in family law. 

Resources And Support

Of course, your lawyer is handling many cases, and one of them is yours. However, you can’t expect them to focus on your case alone because they also have other clients who rely on them for legal assistance. 

Because of this, it’s best to look for a legal representative with adequate resources and support to help you in case of an emergency. This means your lawyer should have experienced paralegals, support lawyers, and legal assistants who can assist them in the preparation of your case without trouble. This means that even if they’re busy handling some other cases, you can rest, knowing that there are people who can take care of your situation in a timely manner.

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In addition to this support network, your lawyer should also be able to work with other professionals who can provide insights during a divorce. For example, the services of business valuators and forensic accounts might be required during the division of your marital properties.

That’s why if you want to take advantage of these resources, choose a lawyer who is in collaboration with these professionals. This can make the divorce process much easier and faster. 

Litigation Success

It’s also crucial to find a divorce lawyer who has a good record of litigation success. The number of litigations they’ve handled and won over can be an indicator of how dedicated they are in protecting your rights and interests in court. 

Below are the characteristics of a lawyer who can contribute to the success of your divorce litigation: 

Composure – The way they carry themselves inside and outside the courtroom is also crucial to the success of your litigated divorce case. This means that the more they remain calm, relaxed, and collected while representing on your behalf, the higher your chances of getting a good judgment in your favor. 
Problem-Solving Skills – They should also know how to handle complicated court cases and employ effective strategies, allowing them to negotiate things that are beneficial for you. In case the negotiation fails, they’re also well-prepared to elevate your case to trial. 
Assertiveness – They know when they should be assertive when they’re in the courtroom. They can show a high degree of confidence when navigating your divorce proceedings. This characteristic, for instance, helps them remain unemotional while communicating with the other party. 

So, before hiring a divorce lawyer, always check their record of litigation success. The best way to do this is by asking their previous clients about their litigation performance or reading some reviews and client testimonials online. 

Final Takeaway

Before anything else, spouses seeking a divorce, like you, should understand that the outcome of the proceedings will more likely have some life-changing effects on them and their kids. Thus, it’s vital to have the right legal representation for your situation. 

Luckily, by keeping these qualities in mind, you’ll be confident in finding the best divorce lawyer who can legally advocate for you in every step of the way. 

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