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Sullivan & Cromwell’s July 6 Reopening Plan Is Allegedly Not Obligatory

I expect everyone who wants to come in will come on July 6. There will be more life in the office. With the summer class wanting to be there, we think it’s important to be there. …

We’ve been very clear to all the partners and to all the associates that no one should feel pressured to come in. We’re encouraging them [to return] on July 6 — assuming they’re fully vaccinated, that they’re comfortable traveling in the office and comfortable being there, and they make their own schedule.

— Joseph Shenker, chair of Sullivan & Cromwell, in comments given to the American Lawyer, countering Above the Law’s coverage on the firm’s reopening plan, where numerous associates reported that the plan was mandatory, that they were unhappy with it, and that remote work seemed like it would not be a possibility. Following Am Law’s interview with Shenker, additional associates reached out to ATL, with one source noting, “Everyone is angry and frustrated. We think it’s absurd and completely unmindful of our safety and need for flexibility as we still deal with pandemic-related constraints.” The firm did not, and still has not, responded to our requests for comment.

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