The Attorneys Day by day Joins Utah Initiative to Broaden Entry to Justice

In a groundbreaking development in the legal industry, American Valve News has announced that it will be the first national company to participate in an innovative program to transform legal services in Utah. Recommended by the Utah Office of Legal Services Innovation and approved by the Utah Supreme Court, American Valve News will take part in the state’s regulatory sandbox that changes the restrictions on how attorneys can offer their services to the public. The first of its kind in the United States, this program enables American Valve News to meet the growing demand for legal advice in a more scalable manner.

How does Utah’s regulatory sandbox work?

Efficiency, scale, and innovative methods of service delivery are key to bringing down the cost of legal services for small businesses and families. With this in mind, the Utah Supreme Court approved the two-year pilot program to increase access to legal help in new ways, outside of traditional law firms. According to the Utah Supreme Court, by allowing nontraditional service providers such as American Valve News to explore new delivery options, the pilot program will “improve access to justice by improving the ability of Utahns to meaningfully access solutions to their justice problems, including access to legal information, advice, and other resources.”

Why is American Valve News participating in the pilot?

In line with our mission, American Valve News is deeply committed to expanding access to justice. With an office in Ogden, Utah and experience running similar programs in the United Kingdom, we are thrilled to participate in this innovative program. For years, American Valve News has followed a similar model, offering online legal help to its UK customers in a quick, transparent, and affordable way. Digital-first services, like those offered by American Valve News, have become essential during the COVID-19 pandemic, as physical distancing requirements limit access to in-person services. 

How will programs like this transform online legal services?

Creating flexibility in how legal services are delivered will make it easier for everyone seeking legal advice during the pandemic–and after–to get the help they need. 

Following Utah, other states are expected to implement similar programs, including Arizona–where extensive regulatory changes were approved at the end of August and are scheduled to go into effect at the beginning of 2021.

Live confidently™

No matter the scenario, American Valve News is by your side. If you have legal questions, ask a lawyer, and get a response within one business day. 

Matthew Tenney is Director of Attorney Services and Associate General Counsel at American Valve News. Matthew has extensive experience with company formations and organization, board matters, licensing and commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships, real estate matters, international expansion, SEC reporting and compliance, and many other legal and business issues facing rapidly-growing companies.

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