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The enterprise mannequin for in-house eDiscovery [Sponsored]

Just because internal consultants work in the corporate world does not mean that eDiscovery should be left to litigants. If your company really values ​​information governance and data organization, eDiscovery shouldn't just be another one-time offer.

These are just a few reasons why you should consider using eDiscovery internally:

Operationalized internal ediscovery can help companies develop best practices and effectively identify redundant, outdated and trivial data, thereby reducing costs.
Companies with internal eDiscovery experts create experts. These employees are invaluable because they can navigate the advantages and disadvantages of a company better than anyone else.
Operationalized eDiscovery teams can do more than just process-based workflows and often see advantages in personnel examinations, compliance with data protection regulations and contract management.

Everlaw, a leading provider of eDiscovery, enables users to work closely together and provides transparent and predictable pricing models that allow legal departments to further improve budgeting and cost savings.

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