Trump marketing campaign drops election lawsuit in Michigan

The campaign alleged that two Republican advertisers refused to confirm Wayne County's election counts days after the same advertisers voted in favor.

The Trump campaign has dropped a federal lawsuit in Michigan that sought to block state certification of election results.

According to CBS News, the lawsuit falsely alleged that the Wayne County Board of Canvassers failed to verify her ballot count, even though officials did exactly that earlier this week.

When they first filed, Trump attorneys in the western Michigan District alleged two Republican members of the acquisition board opposed certification – even though both Conservative board chairs voted to approve the ballot on Tuesday.

In fact, both Republican recruiters had made affidavits attempting to "revoke" their certification only after they voted in favor of the motion.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump campaign attorney and former New York City mayor, said the decision to withdraw the lawsuit was practical – a "direct result of achieving the intended outcome: stopping the Wayne County election ahead of the certified ahead of time." Residents can be assured that every legal vote has been counted and every illegal vote has not been counted. "

As CBS News notes, the Trump campaign lawsuit against Michigan and Wayne Counties is similar to other litigation in different parts of the country.

The GM building in downtown Detroit. Image via maxpixel. Public domain.

As of November 3, the president's attorneys have filed a number of lawsuits across the country, often in highly competitive states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. In some cases, they have only chosen to sue counties that were largely swinging democratic.

The campaign was also recently criticized for attempting to block or dismiss ballot papers in several Wisconsin cities, all of which had large black populations and voted for former Vice President Joe Biden.

CNBC notes that the campaign's decision to drop the Wayne County case came after suffering major legal defeats in other states.

In Pennsylvania, according to CNBC, the Trump campaign lost an appeal to the Court of Commons Pleas in which Republicans hoped to prevent certain postal ballot papers from being counted.

In Arizona, the Maricopa County Court dismissed another Republican lawsuit both to review the Arizona elections and to prevent Maricopa County from reconfirming its election results.

The campaign also lost a petition to prevent Georgia from certifying its own censuses.

In the Georgia ruling, Judge Steven Grimberg said he was simply unwilling to block the certification of millions of right-caste votes and said it would "create confusion and possible disenfranchisement."

Like other judges, Grimberg was of the opinion that the Trump campaign allegations of electoral fraud and "irregularities" were "neither factual nor legal."

Michael Gwin, a spokesman for President-elect Joe Biden, suggested that the Trump campaign tried to delay the inevitable by spreading conspiracies about the election.

"Numerous courts, election officials from both parties and even officials within Trump's own administration have reiterated that allegations of widespread electoral fraud are categorically false," said Gwin.

And in Michigan, Detroit City Councilor Michael Fink said there was a simple explanation no matter how hard Giuliani tried to make up for the campaign's losses.

"You can turn anything you want," said Fink. "They dismissed the case because they would lose."

Although Wayne County's Republican recruiters tried to withdraw their votes after certification was completed, Fink said what is being done is being done.

"The so-called recession of these votes has absolutely no legal significance," he said. "The advertising commission has made its decision and the votes are now being reviewed by the state advertising commission."


The Trump campaign drops the Michigan lawsuit over confirming the election results

The Trump campaign loses 3 ballot paper disputed cases after the Michigan lawsuit was dropped

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