Trump marketing campaign recordsdata lawsuit towards Pennsylvania to cease utilizing postal poll papers

The Trump campaign claims that "unmonitored" dropboxes promote fraud.

The Trump campaign is suing Pennsylvania and its county-level electoral officers for using mailboxes.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Trump's re-election campaign believes that dropboxing will allow election fraud. They claim that Pennsylvania’s use of such dropboxes in the area code on June 2 was unconstitutional and want a federal court to block their use in the November general election.

"The accused have sacrificed the sanctity of personal voting at the altar of unsupervised postal voting and have increased the risk of fraudulent or otherwise ineligible ballots being cast and counted in the upcoming general election," the lawsuit said.

According to the investigator, the lawsuit also claims that postal ballot papers violate federal and state law if they provide for a form of voting that is not strictly permitted by law. In addition, the lawsuit argues that the Pennsylvania drop-box voting rules are inconsistent and different jurisdictions are subject to different standards.

President Donald Trump, along with his campaign, was a vocal critic of the mail-in and drop box voting. Even as a candidate in 2016, Trump has disapproved of various forms of remote voting, claiming they enable fraud.

"Allow postal ballot papers and postal ballot papers from non-disabled voters to be collected and counted at locations other than the county electoral offices and / or through" drop boxes "and other unsupervised and / or unsecured funds if they are not submitted The law stipulated in the electoral law enables illegal voting and postal voting, the harvesting of ballots and other fraud cases and / or remains undetected and leads to a watering down of the duly submitted ballot papers, “says the lawsuit.

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The complaint also alleges that Pennsylvania violated its own rules during the June primaries by counting absentee votes sent with standard envelopes instead of "secret envelopes".

And besides the fraud, the Trump campaign believes that another postal problem is the potential for miscounting. WPXI notes that Allegheny County is repeatedly cited as an example of drop box defects in the lawsuit. Some voters, according to WPXI, received multiple ballots due to bugs in Pennsylvania computer systems.

Jenna Ellis, a senior legal adviser to Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., said that Democrats are trying to politicize "election integrity" by pushing remote voting to a large extent.

"Election integrity should not be a partisan issue, but Democrats are consistently trying to defraud and manipulate electoral rules to undermine safeguards and security in the November elections," said Ellis. "President Trump is determined to ensure that every legitimate person has the opportunity to vote once and that Americans' voices are not watered down by fraud in new systems. Democrats are trying to hurry the American people forward."

Sinceré Harris, executive director of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, said that President Trump's campaign is pulling out all the stops to ensure lower voter turnout.

"Donald Trump and the Washington Republicans are trying to suppress the Pennsylvania vote because they know that the easier it is for ordinary people to vote, the easier it is for ordinary people to vote," Harris said.

President Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016 with less than 1% of the total vote.


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