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What’ll He Assume Of Subsequent? — See Additionally

For Rivendell!: Paul Davis continues to impress, stepping away from Tolkien to propose a new government where Donald Trump just gets to veto any government action. Honestly, this motion reads like something Gollum would write, except replace all references to his precious with Trump or “tacit public acceptance of transphobia.”

This Is Why We Have Black History Month: There’s rightly a lot of backlash against performative politics. Having a month set aside for corporate brands to repackage themselves with kente cloth before going back to systematically denying access to meaningful equality can be dispiriting. But this is why we have to keep having these observances — because lawyers unwittingly reveal exactly how far we really are from fixing the problem.

Flag That, ExamSoft: What will the proctoring algorithm do with someone peeing into a bottle during the test? We’re about to find out! But seriously, this is no way to manage a profession. We also learned of an applicant who got her period during the exam and is confident that she was flagged for cheating as she squirmed from cramps. Nothing about this test is acceptable.

Oh, Pardon Me: Steve Bannon thought getting a pardon would put an end to the federal charges against him. But the government points out that just because he can’t be punished doesn’t mean he isn’t still in the matter.

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